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Emcore (EMKR)… Nothing plus nothing = nothing

Emcore’s plan to spin out each division leaves investors with 2 bones and no meat. It has been 6 months since Citron has been covering Emcore (EMKR:NASDAQ). Oil has made its unprecedented round-trip from $100 to $147 a barrel and back.  Mainstream solar stocks have achieved record profits — and record valuations — in the […]


More Explanation of the Fraud at Emcore (Nasdaq:EMKR)

  It has not been a great month for Emcore.  May 5:  The company puts out a fraudulent press release announcing an order of $28 million by a customer who has no verifiable projects or funding. May 7:  Emcore publicly disclosed in a form 8-K that the business unit acquired from Intel lost $100 million […]


Emcore (NASDAQ:EMKR) – Citron Calls Fraud.

The SEC and NASDAQ must investigate Emcore management’s claims about the validity of this purported order from ES Systems. When you stack up management’s claims vs. the facts to make an investment decision, two starkly different versions of reality have to be weighed.  One version requires believing Emcore’s management.  The other version has you looking squarely […]


Citron Exposes the 3-Way Scheme Behind Emcore

“And we would have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!” Famous Scooby Doo line Citron has observed with keen interest developments at Emcore since our first report March 18th and follow-up March 25th.  There are a few significant events, all of which point to a ménage trios of convenience between […]