What a Differene a Month Makes- $TWTR will be A-OK with AOC

AOC, the most talked about person in national politics and the face of a new generation, has chosen her platform as Vanity Fair has billed her as “Trump’s worst Twitter enemy.”

Citron has correctly predicted every swing in TWTR’s share price over the past 2 years.

We recently put out negative commentary based on a report from Amnesty International which criticized Twitter as a platform enabling the abuse of women and minorities.

However, a lot has changed in a month. As if an angel was looking over Jack Dorsey’s shoulder – enter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also referred to by as “AOC”.

The “anti-Trump” has adopted Twitter has her medium of choice and will bring a new generation of users with open minds on the platform.

More importantly, it will keep Twitter the idea leader for the next presidential election. The rise of Ms. Cortez on Twitter is exactly what the platform needed.