UniPixel: Stop the Presses!


Citron now understands why UniPixel (NASDAQ:UNXL) just cleared the shelves on their entire shelf registration, just days after promising Wall Street they wouldn’t do a dilutive secondary.

Through conversations with a Director at Alvarez & Marsal, Citron now believes that Unipixel sold 50% of UniBoss to Kodak for $12 million dollars.  All shareholders should know the following points:

·       It’s not even a cash deal – the money is due and payable to UniPixel in installments. 

·       Kodak itself is in bankruptcy, and with a market cap of less than $90 million  – it's worth just 25% of UniPixel.

·       So for 50% of the UniPixel's only viable product, they collected … 80c per share. 

·       Once you account for the cheap warrants, Citron estimates this deal makes UniPixel worth less than $5 a share … including its cash. 

Anyone who has bought the stock today or yesterday has been duped.  Shareholders should demand an immediate 8-K filing with full disclosure of the complete terms of this transaction.  Unlike UniPixel's many nebulous deals announced in the past, an 8-K is required for any acquisition or disposition of assets.   http://www.sec.gov/about/forms/form8-k.pdf

But instead, these guys closed a secondary!  


Citron had just put the finishing touches on a very informative and entertaining report on the company, but now has to regard even its own work as back page news … because the SEC now needs to halt this stock until full disclosure of this disposition of assets has been made to all parties.

For the rest of the very entertaining story about this cast of bad actors and their trail of broken promises and busted investors…

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