$TWTR Just Made the Turn and Is Hitting Stride. Twitter has NEVER been more Relevant Than Now and “Dorsey is Our Horsey”!!

Citron predicts $52 within 52 weeks.

Citron has been spot-on on TWTR two times already in 2018, both in a big way (January 26th Post and March 27th Post).

  • January 26, 2018 Citron recommended TWTR at $22 with a price target of $35. On March 14 TWTR hit $37
  • March 26, while TWTR was trading at $32 Citron predicted the stock would trade down to $25. A week later, the stock traded to $26 catalyzed by the Facebook privacy scandal, as we called.

And now we present our most bold and confident analysis to date on Twitter. $TWTR will hit $52 within a year. Citron will tell the story that is hiding under Wall Street’s nose.

While many view Twitter solely as the preferred form of communication for the POTUS, it has become all things media and an irreplaceable part of the global dialogue. This past week, Elon Musk announced the potential for the largest LBO ever on Twitter (source), and while people were debating the quality of the financing, no one was debating the medium of the news – Twitter. No press release or Wall St. Journal article, just Twitter.

While the media has spent the past few days debating TWTR’s role in censoring Alex Jones, one thing is not open for debate — Twitter is more relevant now than it has ever been and in media — Dollars Follow Relevancy.

Citron will now explain new points in the Twitter story from just the past week that have gone unnoticed by Wall Street and that will take the stock to new highs in the coming year.

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