CHEGG – The poster child for Institutionalized Academic Cheating – Immediate Price Target of $25

Institutionalized Cheating is No Longer OK

The 2019 college admission scandal has shined a new light on academic integrity in the United States.  What was long considered to be socially acceptable or even legal is now coming into question as media and lawmakers are questioning the status quo in our educational system.

Beyond Rick Singer and his manipulation of admissions, the conversation of institutionalized cheating cannot occur without first mentioning Chegg.

Chegg, a $4 bil company that has made a business off selling answers to homework and selling a service that allows students to submit plagiarized work as original is undermining the educational system and will soon be brought to the forefront of media attention.

In this report, Citron will explain how the “it’s never a problem until it’s a problem” moment has hit Chegg as now cheating does make a difference.