Schrodinger (SDGR) – Taking Drug Discovery to the “Space Age”


The Most Important IPO in the Past 5 Years

It has been almost 10 years since Tesla went public as the once “Concept Company” has since succeeded in disrupting the transportation industry and has forever changed the performance and commercial acceptance of electric vehicles.  While it has been a bumpy road, the stock is now trading at parabolic levels while investors must ask themselves – What stock has the characteristics of Tesla in its early days?  The answer is clear – Wall Street’s recent IPO, Schrodinger (SDGR).

While the investing public has spent the past week discussing the future of civilian space travel, the most disruptive software platform to ever hit the pharmaceutical industry, which also happens to be backed by the world’s most sophisticated investors, has just gone public.

Citron will offer a simple explanation of Schrodinger’s business model that has become too complex for television and has not been given the media attention it deserves.

In one paragraph:

Through use of artificial intelligence and a world class scientific team that is unmatched by ANY public company, Schrodinger has created a software platform that integrates predictive physics-based methods with machine learning to become the leader in molecular simulation that 1) reduces the average time and cost required to identify a drug development candidate and 2) increases the probability of drug discovery programs entering clinical development.

With the global pharma industry spending approximately $180 billion on R&D annually, this innovative software platform is completely disrupting the drug development process.