Questcor in Cover-Up Mode: Deleting Evidence from its Website … BUT Citron Finds the Smoking Gun and Presents it Here for the Federal Trade Commission. Investors please don’t read further — you might find something you don’t like.

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Over the coming months, Citron Research will release a series of articles on Questcor (NASDAQ:QCOR) intended to shed light on probable issues of interest to the multi-pronged investigation underway by multiple regulatory agencies into numerous aspects of Questcor’s business strategy that political correct-speak would deem “legally challenged”.  These articles will dig deeper into topics such as:

·         The Chronic Disease Fund, and the role it plays in contributing to Questcor’s revenues

·         Medicare billing (it is very dangerous to participate in a scheme to defraud the Federal Government)

·         Insurance reimbursement coding for Acthar

Meanwhile, today’s question is whether Questcor’s Synacthen acquisition is anti-competitive.  The points raised in Citron’s article last week are relevant to the FTC’s inquiry, demonstrating Questcor’s intent to suppress competition by acquiring Synacthen is exposed by their own sell-side analysts.

We are sure that Questcor will now try to posture to the FTC that Synacthen is a completely different drug, arguing that while it has similarities, it cannot be regarded as a replacement for HP Acthar Gel.  This piece of evidence presented below is for the FTC, so shareholders please cover your eyes.  

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