Namaste: Citron has exposed complete FRAUD that underpins the ‘Business’ of Namaste.

Namaste could be halted by the TSXV

Let us start by explaining to readers that in our 17 years of publishing, Citron has exposed more corporate fraud than any non-government agency in the world.

Rarely in its history has Citron seen a fraud so blatant: for context, we honestly view Sean Dollinger as a walking securities violation.   If Namaste was a US traded company it would be halted and Dollinger would probably face criminal charges.

Citron hopes that in the best interest of protecting investors, the TSXV halts trading until questions can be answered relating to direct fraud that is illustrated in this report. This will most certainly reach the hands of Namaste’s new auditors (which have joined at an odd time).

To keep this simple and to the point, lets go right into indefensible FRAUD #1

Fake claim of a Nasdaq Listing to get investors to buy the stock.

Mr. Dollinger has promised investors a Nasdaq listing and the simple takeaway that comes with it, a higher share price on the back of an up-listing.

In our previous report, we explained that the NASDAQ would laugh Dollinger out of the room given his seedy background and the company’s opaque finances.  So what did Mr. Dollinger turn around and do… nothing crazy, just committed an act of securities fraud.  A video is worth 2k words.

For those who don’t want to watch the video, here is a highlight from the transcript.

This video has since been taken down from Namaste’s 420 Weekly Updates on YouTube, but we have another link that remains live (source).  This was not a casual lie or a random tweet, this was a full-on premeditated manipulation of public markets by lying to investors.

More important than the words are that it shows Dollinger’s lack of maturity and respect for securities law.  Sorry Sean, you can’t fake it until you make it in this case.