Mobileye: Price Target $25 near term — on the way to $10 — Just Follow the Money


Citron: Short-Term Target $25 … Long Term Target Below $10

There is NOTHING in the past or present financials, business performance or realistic future technology prospects of Mobileye (NASDAQ:MBLY) that would get it within miles of justifying its current $12 billion market cap. 

Mobileye's management is riding the hype cycle of the "self-driving car" story, a decades-long high-stakes technology bet which the operators of this small fabless chip manufacturer know they can never be a serious player in.    

Investing in this company is a losing bet on a blue-sky future that just does not exist.  This is not merely the opinion of Citron– it is the actions of management who have spoken with their dollars loud and clear — selling stock more aggressively than Citron has ever witnessed — as documented in this report. 

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