Long Pyxus International (NYSE:PYX) – Short-Term Price Target of $65

Altria is in talks to buy a stake in Aphria shows the maturation of legacy tobacco. PYX to be the greatest beneficiary.

A Change in Narrative brings a change in multiple

Earlier this year Pyxus went through a name change (quite unlike the rest of its Canadian counterparts, it was not done for stock promotion)  The name change represented a pivot from traditional tobacco to a strategy focused on legal Cannabis/hemp production for the long term.  A pivot that is now being vindicated by Altria’s interest in the space.  Could it be possible that PYX’s transition has inspired Altria, we’ll leave that for you to consider.

PYX owns majority stakes in two Canadian licensed cannabis producers and has received its ACMPR cannabis cultivation license from Health Canada as part of the company’s “one tomorrow” transformation.