Intuitive Surgical — Angel with Broken Wings?


In the most comprehensive piece ever written on Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ:ISRG), in this second part of its investigation, Citron Research examines both clinical research and current healthcare policy, showing how and why it will directly impact the company’s earnings negatively over the next 12 months as the stock heads through $300.

This is an important piece of research.  It fully describes the corner ISRG has painted itself into — its outrageous marketing claims and its highly emotional online advertising campaign, including patient testimonials and surgeon referrals, that will expose it to fierce legal challenge.

It details how the company has pitted its own interests in opposition to its primary customers — the major hospitals of the US — when the above legal challenges forces it to fully disclose the numerous  fatalities and injuries that have arisen from da Vinci procedures, and the actual reasons for such adverse outcomes.

Meanwhile, Obamacare will put an end to the medical arms race. Will you be left owning this high- multiple name?

Intuitive Surgical Part 2:  The story that HAS to be told.

 Intuitive Surgical part two : Click here