Has the Halo been Broken on Intuitive Surgical?


Imagine a medical company with a single product — one which lacks any clinical data proving medical efficacy superior to other conventional treatments … or in case of one of its major applications, little to no advantage over no treatment at all.

Now imagine that same company’s product under a host of lawsuits that range from patient death after “routine” surgery, to a man defecating out of his penis.

Worse, imagine this one company being sued in the past  four weeks by some of the biggest name tort attorneys in the United States. Now imagine this company has a $21 billion market cap and a lofty forward P/E.

Citron would like to introduce readers to the amazing story of Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ:ISRG). This Wall Street darling is facing an uphill battle:  the medical/scientific and legal communities have become aware that Intuitive has been marketing their machines by intimidation and fear, rather than by clinical proof of medical necessity and superior patient outcomes.

With the recent research about prostate surgery outcomes prompting more conservative patient/doctor treatment decisions, along with the newest lawsuits, Citron believes that Intuitive Surgical’s stock price will soon suffer. The da Vinci robot-assisted surgery device is a solution in search of a problem — but one hell of a marketing machine.

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“Has the Halo Been Broken on Intuitive Surgical?