Cyberdyne — The Most Ridiculously Priced Stock In the World


Japanese Investors are ADVISED to

Target Price: 300¥ — 85% Downside

 With its share price ~ 2,000¥, Cyberdyne’s market cap exceeds $4 billion USD. The story of Cyberdyne MUST be told to the worldwide investment community.

Cyberdyne (TYO:7779) CEO Yoshiyuki Sankai has become a cultural icon in Japan. With his “mad scientist” appearance and his lifelong passion for robots, he has become the face of innovation and science in Japan…..But what is the truth?

 While Sankai’s creation of the HAL® (Hybrid Assistive Limb) was unique and creative in 2005 (named one of Time Magazine’s most amazing inventions of the year,) — time and competitors have eclipsed Cyberdyne; the company has yet to effectively commercialize any product. Worse, when you get past the rhetoric, propaganda and press, you find a company that is more interested in making a “Gundam Stock” rather than an underlying business of authentic value.

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