Citron Updates Nucon


What’s New About Nucon – RF ?  (
(Hey, they named it, we just report it.)

Nucon-RF has licensed NuCap™  – it’s their “Secret Sauce” that puts the sizzle in their story about sales to the nuclear industry in Russia.  It is described repeatedly in their copious PR’s and their only SEC filing.  However, we note this line with no further details:

“Nucon has licensed NuCap™ from Global Matrechs”

What They Don’t Tell You

Global Matrechs is a public company (OTCBB: GBMRE)   They trade at .0015 cents – once in a while.  The company’s trailing 9 months revenues are $36 K and they have a market cap of a paltry $361 K.  If NuCap was so great, they could have bought the entire company for spare change from the promotional campaign budget.    

Does anyone remember Eurotech? (AMEX:EUO, now OTCBB:EUOT)

Global Matrechs has licensed this product before – to another company called Eurotech.  For those of you who remember, this former high flyer was also supposed to revolutionize the nuclear business in Russia with licensed technology from Global Matrechs.

Eurotech currently trades at .0035 cents on the pink sheets.

Here is some other fun reading on Eurotech.


Reminiscent of the cliché’ “Old Wine in New Bottles”, NNRF has concocted a ridiculous story of old nuclear waste in new containers.  In reality, it’s just an empty promise with a new ticker.

Cautious investing to all.