Citron Research Backing Up the Sleigh on Facebook – 2019 S&P Stock of the Year

Separating the Noise from Reality will take Facebook back to $160

Two and a half years ago, Citron Research said that FB was a long-term short and that engagement levels would eventually top out.  At the time, the stock was trading in the $120 range.  In the past 30 months FB has more than doubled its quarterly revenue and concerns of engagement have shifted to concerns of addiction, yet the stock is back down in $120 range.  Time to back up the sleigh!

Yet, 2018 is a year that Facebook shareholders would like to forget, as the stock is down 30% YTD and over 40% from its recent high.  Yet, while the media has reported on one scandal after the next and the NYT even tried to promote a #deletefacebook movement.  The truth is revenues and more important user base has seen little impact.

As you read this article Facebook has 2.2 billion active users and has grown revenues 33% q over q during this controversial 12 months.  Considering the user base excludes China, this is a lead that has no second place.