Citron Publishes Open Letter to FDA seeking transparency about Nu Skin’s AgeLOC products


Yesterday, news broke that as of last Friday, the FDA sent a "15-Day Warning Letter" to L'Oreal, the world's largest cosmetic company, ordering it to cease and desist making claims for its widely marketed cosmetics line, Lancome.  

The specific basis for FDA's complaint is :

" The claims on your web site indicate that these products are intended to affect the structure or any function of the human body, rendering them drugs under the Act." 

Some of the specific language FDA objects to is eerily similar to, although less exaggerated than, Nu Skin's own marketing language about "resetting gene clusters".  Note how FDA specifically objects to pseudo-medical anti-aging product claims such as :

·    "boosts the activity of genes and stimulates the production of youth proteins" 

Today, Citron publishes an open letter to the FDA, requesting transparency with regard to comparable quasi-medical claims made by Nu Skin for its flagship product line "AgeLOC", a brand under which it sells cosmetics, dietary supplements, electrical devices for skin treatments, and a soon-to-be-marketed weight management product.

Citron is not publishing this letter to impact any short-term knee-jerk movement in the stock price.  Citron wishes to add transparency regarding the fundamental risks to Nu Skin's product line and the impacts on Nu Skin's business. 

Readers are referred to Citron's August 16th story about Nu Skin.   The exaggerated medical claims are explicitly detailed and the strategic risks are explored.  As well, the seriousness of the "15-Day Warning Letter", which is really a Cease and Desist order, is explained.

It is Citron's opinion that what is a pimple for L'Oreal may be cancer for Nu Skin.   AgeLOC is its flagship branding strategy, but its scientific foundation is highly dubious at best.  And its own distributor training, provided to over 160,000 reps in North America alone, has been highly misleading.

Stanford and Purdue have an important role to play with regard to the transparency the market needs.   We hope they will clarify their positions soon, with regard to their respect intellectual property reputations and AgeLOC claims, to which their names have been liberally appropriated by Nu Skin.



Citron's Open Letter to FDA:

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