Citron Exposes the Vulnerability of Motorola Solutions — Price Target $45

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What would President Trump think ?
U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies Paying 5 TIMES the Prices
Motorola Charges EU Countries?

How Motorola Really Makes Its Money!

 While Motorola’s has many operating divisions, the bulk of its profits come from selling overpriced handsets into its single source contracts in the United States….taking advantage of both tax payers and the first responder community.  In fact, handset sales in the U.S. carry an 83.6% gross margin (see below), while device sales in Europe are at 9%.

Citron’s analysis shows that U.S. device (handset) sales are contributing a whopping 76.7% of Motorola’s bottom line!

As new technologies eclipse Motorola’s monopoly grip on its outdated U.S. first responder’s network, the company’s gravy train of egregious handset pricing will fall to competition.  In the current political environment, how long can Motorola’s “extreme lobbying” efforts protect it from competitive pressures?

Citron exposes the secret of the Motorola cash cow — gouging the U.S. Government.  

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