Citron Exposes Elder Abuse Within Inogen’sSale Tactics Price Target $46

Last week, respected short seller Carson Block put out a insightful 27 page report detailing how Inogen management has misled the market with its wildly overstated claims on TAM. These TAM estimates originated from an obscure research firm that Muddy Waters referred to as “amateurish”. We recommend all shareholders read the Muddy Waters piece and its 27 pages of detail on how Inogen is deceiving the market.

While the original Citron report on valuation and the recent MW report on TAM are interesting, they are nothing compared to what you will read in this presentation.

Whenever a new medical device is released (e.g., portable oxygen concentrators), the potential for abuse and fraud increases exponentially. No one will deny that portable oxygen concentrators are a great advancement for people suffering from COPD. Citron will acknowledge that Inogen was the first company to capitalize on this growing market.

However, we are now unveiling the dirty secrets that we have discovered through months of research. In this report, we will expose Inogen’s dirty reseller network, the systematic abuse of elders by Inogen and resellers, and why the stock will quickly re-rate lower to $46.