Citron Expects Tesla Rebound to $320 – Even a Cat Can Look at a King

Citron listens to competition – not critics

 Over the years, Citron has clearly not been a fan of Tesla and we doubt Elon Musk will be the CEO for the next 10 years.  Citron is also not a fan of his disrespect for the SEC and we have no doubt that he is guilty of a few REG FD violations.

And yes we are still suing for the $420 tweet


The volume of misinformation that comes through our computer on a daily basis has become breathtaking and the “vocal shorts” and critical media in this name have gone too far in their demonizing of Elon Musk.

We are not here to pick fights with anyone and we always respect solid work but let’s state the obvious on many of the vocal critics whose voices dominate the Tesla conversation.

Again, we were short the stock for several years and remain the lead plaintiff in suing Musk for his 420 tweet.  However, his critics are over their skis.