AveXis — The Next Biotech Blowup

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12-Month Target:  $9.00

24-month target $5.00

Rarely in biotech do we see a situation where an investor can simply perform their own due diligence and be on the right side of the trade without needing to be a scientist.  In the case of AveXis (NASDAQ:AVXS), all you need is a healthy dose of skepticism, willingness to do the research, and a bit of empathy to reveal that there’s nothing here beyond a glorified stock promotion.  It will soon trade in the single digits.

The hopeful story of a cure for terminally ill babies is powerful enough to bring forth the worst of Wall Street’s greed, which has the power to sell this story to investors despite the absence of real clinical data. If it wasn’t for the horrendously warped way the US pharma market prices its drugs, AveXis could not even have completed its IPO.

Given the news flow since IPO, this stock should be trading below its  IPO price of $20 now.  As a high-credibility competitor nears FDA approval, as much as 3 years ahead of AveXis, its window of opportunity may have already closed shut.

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Citron Exposes More Lies and Deception From Cyberdyne

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“Cautious Investing to All”

Mallinckrodt CEO FRAUD exposed by the new Medicare Drug Dashboard

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Mallinckrodt Stock Target Price – $20


Dear Readers,

It has taken too much time but now the truth is out about Mallinckrodt ($MNK). The newly published Medicare dashboard proves that:

1.  As insurance companies have clamped down on reimbursement, tax-inverted Mallinckrodt has dug deeper into the pockets of taxpayer-funded Medicare to peddle its medically unproven Acthar

2. The CEO of MNK has committed FRAUD by lying to the investing public about the company’s dependence on the Medicare system.

3. Acthar is now THE MOST EXPENSIVE drug reimbursed by Medicare.

This will soon end and $MNK will trade at $20 a share

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Cautious Investing To All

Citron Exposes Smoking Gun on Cyberdyne

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Citron Exposes the Clinical Study Cyberdyne Does Not Want You To See- We Reaffirm Price Target 300¥

In this recent report, Citron exposes the clinical study conducted by Cyberdyne that shows that patients who use the HAL have minimal better outcomes than those who use a simple hospital hoist system. The clinical report also details that over 65% of people who use HAL experience some adverse events. Citron believes this is the reason why the company has not submitted anything to the FDA and more importantly the reason why the HAL has not achieved any meaningful sales in either Japan or Europe. We believe this clinical study to be the smoking gun on why Cyberdyne is on its way to 300¥ per share.


この最近の報告では、シトロンリサーチがサイバー ダインによって行われた治験ではHAL を使用している患者に単純な病院起重機システムを使う人よりも最低限良い効果しかないことを公開します。 治験のレポートもHAL を利用する人々の中には65% 以上がいくつかの有害事象をうけている。シトロンリサーチは、これは、なぜサイバー ダインが FDA に何提出していない理由、とさらになぜ HAL が日本やヨーロッパでわずかな販売を達成していない理由と考えています。 この治験の動かぬ証拠がサイバー ダインの株が300 円への道を下がらないといけないと考えています。


Cautious Investing to All