BlackBerry: Why the Shorts and Analysts Have it Wrong


Citron looks at a $15 Target – Minimum

As a short seller, nothing creates a better investment opportunity than a heavily shorted stock based on a flawed thesis.  This creates unique trading opportunities that are relatively infrequent.  Citron thinks this unique circumstance now applies to BlackBerry [formerly Research in Motion:  NASDAQ:BBRY) ].

BlackBerry was such a ubiquitous handset brand just a few years ago, and fell off the radar so brutally, that short sellers have failed to realize that its identity no longer defines the company. Also, when seeking short sale opportunities, we always look for “bad” or “misguided” management.  If that is still your thesis with BlackBerry, we suggest it is time to exit.

Let’s start here:  BlackBerry completely blew a market leadership position, which it will never recover. They lost their dominant handset business, and had their lunch eaten by Apple and Google.  That was then.  Get over it.  

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