Benefytt Technologies – A Leader in Offering Telemedicine Benefits to Seniors… Says the Secretary of Health and Human Services

Price Target $60

Yesterday’s White House briefing to the country on the COVID-19 pandemic started and ended with the same theme – the need for more telemedicine offerings for seniors.  This is not a trend or a fad… this is the moment that will make telemedicine mainstream and Benefytt Technologies is at the forefront of this megatrend.  Just look at their commercial that started to run nationwide yesterday.

While some might view a TV commercial as archaic, the use of this channel has become so effective that last month HHS Secretary Alex Azar referred to it as “The Future of Healthcare”.

As noted by Azar:

“One particular ad looks a bit like something out of the 1990s, with red, white, and blue graphics, and, to complete the picture, there’s an NFL star from the 1960s involved. 

On its surface, this doesn’t look or sound like the future of healthcare—but it represents important work done here at the department, placing patients at the center and providing them with a tailored set of benefits that will keep them healthy and keep their costs affordable.

We’ve delivered significant results on affordability over the past year.”

This is the commercial he was referring to:

With 10k people turning 65 every day, the importance of Medicare Advantage cannot be overstated and Benefytt Technologies is using a suite of products to become a top 5 nationwide broker for Medicare Advantage.

The first half of this Citron report will address BFYT and its role in Medicare Advantage / Telemedicine and the second half will give a clear valuation analysis of why this stock will be over $60 by the end of 2020 – regardless of the economy.