AveXis — The Next Biotech Blowup

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12-Month Target:  $9.00

24-month target $5.00

Rarely in biotech do we see a situation where an investor can simply perform their own due diligence and be on the right side of the trade without needing to be a scientist.  In the case of AveXis (NASDAQ:AVXS), all you need is a healthy dose of skepticism, willingness to do the research, and a bit of empathy to reveal that there’s nothing here beyond a glorified stock promotion.  It will soon trade in the single digits.

The hopeful story of a cure for terminally ill babies is powerful enough to bring forth the worst of Wall Street’s greed, which has the power to sell this story to investors despite the absence of real clinical data. If it wasn’t for the horrendously warped way the US pharma market prices its drugs, AveXis could not even have completed its IPO.

Given the news flow since IPO, this stock should be trading below its  IPO price of $20 now.  As a high-credibility competitor nears FDA approval, as much as 3 years ahead of AveXis, its window of opportunity may have already closed shut.

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