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Motorola Solutions – Total Eclipse of the Truth

Investors who choose to believe in the false statements from Motorola Solutions can be as blinded as those who choose to stare at a solar eclipse.

Motorola Solutions (NYSE:MSI) is on the wrong side of a mega-trend (LMR to LTE)
The effects of FirstNet will weaken Motorola pricing power
70%+ of the company’s EBITDA is monopoly priced handsets; increased discounting emerges


FDA FAERS Database Posts Huge Rise in Acthar Deaths and Adverse Events


As if last month’s comments from Express Scripts were not bad enough for Mallinckrodt … The FDA has just disclosed information that could lead to criminal prosecution of Mallinckrodt executives. Three weeks ago, Express Scripts, the PBM whose subsidiaries are responsible for executing the entire delivery chain for Mallinckrodt’s Acthar, made a group of damning statements: that Acthar was an old drug, grossly overpriced, with very limited patient need, and was being used for label indications for which there was no clinical evidence.


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Today reinforces why $W Wayfair shareholders should be concerned. Multi-channel – Valuation – Supply Chain

Citron Reiterates Wayfair Short Term $50 Target Grocery stocks are getting hit hard today on the fear of Amazon disrupting their supply chains.  Similarly, as Amazon enters furniture, it breaks Wayfair’s strategic hold on it supply chain.  (MAJOR STATED RISK FACTOR IN WAYFAIR FILINGS)   The Gorilla Enters the Room. The market reactions we see […]

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NVIDIA to Trade Back to $130

NVIDIA: The Moment that Separates the Gamblers from the Investors NVDA to Trade back to $130       Take your profits and move on to Google (Alphabet) (NASDAQ:GOOGL).  Exposure to the identical array of “sexy businesses” with less risk on the downside. In the recent frenzy in NVIDIA shares, it has added more to […]

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Citron Provides New Proof Why Mallinckrodt is on its way to ZERO

Express Scripts lets the genie out the bottle!!!! When Jim Chanos Speaks – Citron Listens. First Enron, Then Valeant, Now Mallinckrodt.   Mallinckrodt is the most reviled company in the pharmaceutical industry.  Its unsavory business practices have only survived in the “post Valeant” era because of the direct business support of Express Scripts, their “co-conspirator”. […]