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Wayfair Would Have Had to Pull Its IPO in 2019

  Recent Earnings Debacle Have Citron Lowering PT to $45 In a new market environment where investors have little appetite for structurally money-losing businesses without a clear path to profitability, Citron believes that Wayfair would not be able to complete an IPO in 2019. After eight years operating as a public company, Wayfair has never […]

Bausch Health – The Textbook Turnaround

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due – Target Price $40 Published October 15th, 2019 | Citron Research It was four years ago this month that Citron wrote a series of articles that were instrumental in the unraveling of the Pearson-era Valeant business model.  In quick manner the stock has declined by 90% from its highs […]

It Doesn’t Matter Until It Matters

With new market realities, Wayfair should quickly trade down to $70. Anyone who follows Citron knows that we have been bearish on Wayfair for YEARS as we never thought selling furniture online with free shipping would be a profitable business.  We were right and wrong at the same time. Right – Wayfair has never been […]