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LOPE – The Educational Enron

The Multiple Smoking Guns that Prove LOPE is Using a Captive Subsidiary to Manipulate Earnings. Citron Research is entering our 19th year of publishing independent research.  In our 19 years, we have exposed more corporate fraud than any non-government agency across the globe.  With that in mind, we are judicious when we use the “F” […]

FleetCor – Citron believes FTC Lawsuit is Imminent

“Let me be clear.  My bet would be that FleetCor is subject to an FTC order either through consent or litigation where FleetCor must pay a significant amount of money and be subject to a consent decree that alters the company’s billing and marketing practices.” – Former Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection […]

Wayfair Would Have Had to Pull Its IPO in 2019

  Recent Earnings Debacle Have Citron Lowering PT to $45 In a new market environment where investors have little appetite for structurally money-losing businesses without a clear path to profitability, Citron believes that Wayfair would not be able to complete an IPO in 2019. After eight years operating as a public company, Wayfair has never […]

Bausch Health – The Textbook Turnaround

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due – Target Price $40 Published October 15th, 2019 | Citron Research It was four years ago this month that Citron wrote a series of articles that were instrumental in the unraveling of the Pearson-era Valeant business model.  In quick manner the stock has declined by 90% from its highs […]