Why a Congressional Subpoena to Valeant About Price Gouging on Drugs Should be Granted


The Real Risk to the US Healthcare System is when Health Care Costs are controlled by Hedge Fund Billionaires

How Pharmaceutical Pricing Runs Amok While U.S. Taxpayers Are Looted

As well as a major threat to the integrity of our entire healthcare system, Valeant (NYSE:VRX) is now the most devious three-cornered tax avoidance scheme we’ve ever seen.  

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How the Volkswagen Scandal PROVES Citron’s Analysis of Mobileye


Citron Lowers Near Term Target to $20: See GPRO and AMBA

The biggest story in the business world over the past week has been Volkswagen’s emissions cheating scandal.  But the analysis that has gone overlooked by the media.  The looming question not dissected in the press, nor answered by the automotive markets analyst community is not what Volkswagen did, but WHY they did it.

Citron shows how the Volkswagen debacle places in stark contrast the difference between the fantasy Mobileye (NASDAQ:MBLY) targets of the analysts, and the reality for shareholders whose sentiments have been manipulated by the hype.

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Mobileye: Price Target $25 near term — on the way to $10 — Just Follow the Money


Citron: Short-Term Target $25 … Long Term Target Below $10

There is NOTHING in the past or present financials, business performance or realistic future technology prospects of Mobileye (NASDAQ:MBLY) that would get it within miles of justifying its current $12 billion market cap. 

Mobileye's management is riding the hype cycle of the "self-driving car" story, a decades-long high-stakes technology bet which the operators of this small fabless chip manufacturer know they can never be a serious player in.    

Investing in this company is a losing bet on a blue-sky future that just does not exist.  This is not merely the opinion of Citron– it is the actions of management who have spoken with their dollars loud and clear — selling stock more aggressively than Citron has ever witnessed — as documented in this report. 

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