Everything 3D Systems Does Not Want You To Know About Their Business


Price Target = $56 Immediately … Longer Term, Much Lower

If you owned 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) over the last year, congratulations, you did well. Obviously, when we wrote about DDD last year, we underestimated the amount of media hype and market momentum, as well as the unwavering bull market stampede of 2013. But during the past year, the 3D printing story has changed in decisive ways. Investors need to reassess this investment right now, based on current operational results and the competitive landscape.

It was just one week ago that Citron pointed out to the investment community how the bear thesis on BBRY was flawed. In contrast, this piece illustrates how the bull thesis on DDD is flawed beyond all measure.

Note:  This is not a commentary about 3D printing or the additive manufacturing industry.  It is a simple eye-opening report on how the numbers do not and can never make sense for this market darling. The bottom line is, if you really want investment exposure to this space, Citron suggests you consider Stratasys (NYSE:SSYS), or maybe even H-P.

Citron presents an irrefutable financial model that explains how unsupportable DDD’s current stock price is, to any analyst, CFO, or shareholder.

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Citron Issues URGENT Trading Warning to the Public regarding Organovo


At the present moment, Organovo (NYSEMKT:ONVO) is a money-losing highly speculative biotech company which has been swept up in the mania for 3D printing stocks.  ONVO has been spinning a story that its technology would allow the “bio-printing” of replacement organs. 

Admittedly this “story” has sizzle but that is where it stops.  Citron is not going to waste readers time rehashing the arguments that have been made tirelessly by writers showing that Organovo is nothing but fluff, that the technology discussed by the company is 10 years away and they are not even the most credible player in the space, even when compared to the accomplishments and strategic partnerships of companies with 1 / 100th of ONVO’s current market value.  (The best links are in the story if you need to get up to speed quickly.)

Today Citron answers the question:  "So if the institutional ownership of this name is near zero, and there's no sell-side analyst coverage, "Who is Buying this S%!& ?"  

You won't believe what we found, and for those speculating in the name, we explain the potential catastrophic risk of having this type of bad actors pushing this stock.  

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BlackBerry: Why the Shorts and Analysts Have it Wrong


Citron looks at a $15 Target – Minimum

As a short seller, nothing creates a better investment opportunity than a heavily shorted stock based on a flawed thesis.  This creates unique trading opportunities that are relatively infrequent.  Citron thinks this unique circumstance now applies to BlackBerry [formerly Research in Motion:  NASDAQ:BBRY) ].

BlackBerry was such a ubiquitous handset brand just a few years ago, and fell off the radar so brutally, that short sellers have failed to realize that its identity no longer defines the company. Also, when seeking short sale opportunities, we always look for “bad” or “misguided” management.  If that is still your thesis with BlackBerry, we suggest it is time to exit.

Let’s start here:  BlackBerry completely blew a market leadership position, which it will never recover. They lost their dominant handset business, and had their lunch eaten by Apple and Google.  That was then.  Get over it.  

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The Smoking Gun on Textura’s CEO History


For all of you Analysts who are “Hard of Reading”:

The Picture Worth a Thousand Words.

Citron has been writing about companies with management “issues” for over 13 years.  We’ve survived to witness over 50 of the stocks we’ve covered suffer regulatory intervention, at the ultimate expense of shareholders who doggedly believed management rather than the facts. 

Management and analyst responses to inconvenient truths are very revealing of their trustworthiness.

At the core of our work has always been to produce source documents, so investors can cut through analyst nonsense and decide for themselves.  

So here it is: Incontrovertible evidence that Textura's CEO is lying about his past in SEC filings … just prior to his founding Textura.  (NYSE:TXTR)

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Citron exposes the devastating undisclosed truth of CEO Patrick Allin’s bio — and Warns All Investors



Citron White Bkgd  Citron exposes the devastating truth of CEO Patrick Allin’s biography — and documents why it is Highly Material to All Potential and Actual Textura Investors

Citron White Bkgd  Meanwhile, Operating Expenses are Running Beyond Analysts Worst Nightmare: Profitability is … "Mission Impossible"

Citron White Bkgd  Company is Merely a Niche Product Pretender in the SaaS space

Citron White Bkgd  Nothing the Analysts Can Say, Except "Mea Culpa"  

Citron White Bkgd  Citron Reaffirms Generous $4 Target. 

Right now, Textura(NYSE:TXTR) is nothing more than a bundle of promises that rest on the shoulders of leadership’s credibility.  Operational results to date, stretching over 10 years, have blazed a trail of massive, uninterrupted and escalating losses.  From the company’s scant accomplishments, there is literally nothing here to invest in.  Financials tell the story of a company that has no future, insolvent if it hadn’t IPO’d; yet Wall Street asks us to believe in management’s integrity and ability to execute.  The CEO omitted critical details from the same filings where he sold personal stock…. And now, you won't believe how a Real Wolf of Wall Street shows up in this story.  

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