World Acceptance: What Happens if Credit Insurance disappears?


World Acceptance's (NASDAQ:WRLD) utter dependence on predatory loan practices has  just been exposed top-to-bottom by Pro Publica, whose award-winning journalism is well above the usual stock market noise.  

Citron adds the investment-related perspective that this company draws over half its profitability from dubious "credit insurance", a loan add-on that is clearly deceptive to  consumers.  The CFPB has already cracked down on two major credit card issuers.  

Citron believes World Acceptance is very vulnerable.  Kudos to Pro Publica. 


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Chemed: Game Over


Chemed:  Game Over

Citron details the breaking news defining the looming regulatory and litigation threat at Chemed (NYSE:CHE) the analysts won’t identify. 

Citron is very familiar with Medicare fraud from the Amedisys days.  Here we provide links to the breaking news, including the pivotal case documents the company should disclose and the analysts haven't mentioned. 

Price target :  $15.00. 

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Angie’s List: Bad Idea + Bad Business = Wall Street Fiction


Angie's List (NASDAQ:ANGI) is hands down the most ridiculous business model in the new web economy.

Part 1 of Citron's expose will detail the fundamentals of the business.

Part 2 will focus on the many accounting tricks used by Angie's to show how they lose less money than they really do.

Long term, it is Citron’s firm opinion that this stock is a definite zero …Short term, Citron shows a compelling valuation comparison that would value ANGI, in a best case scenario, at $5 to $6 a share


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