Intuitive Surgical: AMA Editorial and New Lawsuit a Must Read for Investors … and Patients


  Citron White Bkgd Citron reaffirms its $300 price target on Intuitive Surgical (NYSE:ISRG)

Journal of the AMA study — plus a devastating new lawsuit expose the dark secrets behind the dramatic rise in robotic surgeries….and foretell its end.

This is NOT a story of shorts vs Intuitive Surgical.  

This is a story of the American Medical Association, the Affordable Health Care Act, and tort law vs Intuitive Surgical.

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What do a Comb, an Egg Cup, and a Justin Bieber Vibrator Have in Common?


Citron pricks the bubble stock that is 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD).


For over 12 years Citron has been focusing on stocks that are frauds, intentionally overvalued, and those that are perched high atop a bubble.  When it comes to calling out a “bubble stock”, we are yet to be wrong.  Citron bubble picks stretch all the way back to the original dot-com bubble, to the online Real Estate bubble, and in more recent times, to our coverage of selected equities in the alternative energy bubble, such as a lithium battery maker honored with a mention in last year’s State of the Union address … in fact, the week before it filed for bankruptcy.

In this article, Citron will detail the bubble that has enveloped 3D Systems.


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