Citron Research Updates Home Solutions of America

Home Solutions of America: Update July 17

Last month, Home Solutions of America (NASDAQ:HSOA) rocked the world with rapid-fire news that it had entered into two $100 million dollar construction contracts — the largest in its history – one in Tampa and one in New York.The bloom quickly came off the rose as HSOA scrambled to “correct” the New York story – on June 11, it had to re-write history – excising counterparty “SD Consulting” out of the picture because of the revelation that its principal was David Goldwasser, a recently released felon convicted of financial fraud. HSOA inserted “Blue Diamond Group” as the counterparty in the story.Last week, Citron Research suggested that the Tampa project was likely a related party transaction, arranged with a Jeff Craft, an employee of Fireline Restoration, a subsidiary of HSOA. Meanwhile, the status of the New York project, contracted from Blue Diamond, has remained unclear, especially as to its ability to finance or fund a “$100 million dollar contract”. Read more

Citron Updates iMergent (Amex:IIG)


And the beat goes on…

As time goes on iMergent continues their reign of terror on the worldwide consumer. The company would have you believe that short sellers are using the Attorneys General throughout the country and even foreign jurisdictions to fabricate legal challenges for the company, a statement so ludicrous it does not even deserve a response. Read more