Stocklemon Updates Interoil (AMEX:IOC)


Stocklemon Updates Interoil…Is The Story Out of Gas?

As of our last writing on Interoil (AMEX:IOC), we told our readers that we were no longer following the story. Yet, in the past two months, the story has become so entertaining, in a mystery novel sort of way, they we can’t help ourselves but to comment.

In a time when Exxon is exiting LNG projects in remote regions due to the cost of construction, we are to believe that Interoil will be an LNG leader in the next 10 years.  This is from a company that has no proven reserves, has collateralized all of its assets, and has barely enough cash to make it out of the year.

This report will address two issues that have been positive influences on the stock price over the past few months.

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Stocklemon reports on Zeros and Ones (OTCBB:ZROS)


Two months ago you could buy a share of Zeros and Ones for a quarter – and get change.  As of today, it has skyrocketed to a current price of $1.60  With 114 million shares outstanding, Zeros and Ones had come close to being a $200 million dollar company.  Stocklemon believes this company is a major lemon and the recent run-up is due to the work of stock tout Tobin Smth.  This report will give a more thorough analysis of ZROS.

Shares Outstanding- 114 million

Cash in Bank as of last Qtr:  $5,611 **
( ** No, that is not quoted in thousands!!)

Last 3 months R&D Budget:  $85,000  ($555,000 since inception)

Revenues Since Inception:  0

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