Stocklemon Reports on China VoIP Digital (OTCBB:CVDT)


Stocklemon Reports on China VoIP Digital

Give the Vancouver promo crew an “A” for consistency but an “D-” for creativity.  They’ve followed a formula that could only have come out of a promoter’s cookbook that we have seen one too many times. 

In a recipe that has become routine on the OTCBB, start with a group of promoters who have all been associated with a medley of ugly penny stocks.  Find an obscure company in China and a dormant reporting Bulletin Board shell company  — a mining company that’s never mined anything, for example.  Buy the Chinese company for as little cash as possible, say about $200,000, (hey, that’s cheaper than the shell)  and millions of shares of the shell’s stock in a reverse merger.  When you rename the thing, be sure to combine the words “China” with some hot technology buzzword, digital will do.  Swizzle in a glossy paid promo piece (spend about as much on the promo as the shell and the China company combined), and Presto! ….. Just like the TV chef pulling the “already baked” cake out of the oven, we’ve got ourselves yet another actively traded $200 million company.  

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