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The Ridiculousness of Ambarella

Targets:  12 month price -$60 / 18 month – $40 Ridiculousness It seems like yesterday that Wall Street was frothing at the mouth over 3D printing stocks.  These high flyers were not valued based on their financials but rather as a beneficiary of being anointed as “the new new”.  Citron Research was critical of the […]


GoPro to $30 Within 12 Months — The Comps Wall Street Isn’t Talking About

Citron Debunks the Hardware plus Media Story with Spot-On Comps Over the past month Citron has read over 100 articles and analyst comments about GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO), both positive and negative. To date, not a single commentator or analyst has laid out the truth regarding this company's promotional "we're a media company" story.   Citron decisively documents […]


The Fraud At Textura

Target Price — 12 Months = $4 In December of 2013, Citron Research introduced readers to Textura Corp. (NASDAQ:TXTR), documenting the CEO’s history of fraud and failed businesses, and a shadowy weave of poorly disclosed insider relationships.  In its last three quarters, Textura has missed analyst expectations and continues as a wannabe in the SaaS […]