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Citron Exposes More Lies and Deception From Cyberdyne

Cyberdyne stock was up over 10% this week as the company put out a press release that told investors that the company’s regenerative treatment technology had been featured in Nature Magazine as a medical breakthrough.

再生治療技術が、ネイチャーマガジンで、医療の飛躍的進歩 として紹介されたというプレスリリースを公開し、サイバー ダインの株は、今週10%以上上昇している。

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Mallinckrodt CEO FRAUD exposed by the new Medicare Drug Dashboard

Mallinckrodt Stock Target Price – $20   Dear Readers, It has taken too much time but now the truth is out about Mallinckrodt ($MNK). The newly published Medicare dashboard proves that: 1.  As insurance companies have clamped down on reimbursement, tax-inverted Mallinckrodt has dug deeper into the pockets of taxpayer-funded Medicare to peddle its medically […]