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To Reveal the True Value of Exact Sciences (NASDAQ:EXAS) Listen to the Highly Respected Company that is the ”Science” behind Exact Sciences Short Term Target Reaffirmed at $20 … Long Term Looks Dire   Citron is surprised that neither investors nor analysts properly analyzed the important disclosure from Exact on April 27th.   Citron notes that […]

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Citron Research exposes Exact Sciences and PROVES beyond ANY doubt why this stock will soon be cut in half

Every Man and Woman Over The Age of 50 MUST read this report from Citron Research Short term target:  $20. 3 to 5 Years:  Likely Single Digit, Potential 0. Exact Sciences (NASDAQ:EXAS) pushes a cancer test (Cologuard) to the public, inferior by its own admission, and loses money doing it.  That is why this $4 billion company […]

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Citron Exposes the Dirty Illegal Secrets of FleetCor, and Proof the Company is Already in Cover-Up Mode

Short Term Price Target = $80 In our first report Citron referred to FleetCor (NYSE:FLT) as “FeeCor” and “FleeceCor”.  The bulls defended the company, claiming FleetCor’s customer fees are legal, not egregious, and most of all are sustainable. In this report Citron clarifies the illegality of FleetCor’s corporate practices, and the lengths the analyst community […]

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Citron Exposes More Undisclosed Relationships at TransDigm

What the Company and Its Analysts Call “A Game” Is Actually Illegal Price Target $140 Citron predicts that after this report makes its rounds, TransDigm’s (NYSE:TDG) days of exploiting and deceiving the Federal Government are numbered. Valeant Pharmaceuticals has recently hit prices that some never thought imaginable. As Citron observes today, at $12 per share, […]